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Inspiring and empowering people
through creativity to explore, develop and grow

Buy a quirky gift or creative experience


Looking for a unique and inspired birthday, Christmas, thank you or special occasion gift? We have a range of creative gifts and experiences which will definitely leave a lasting impression.

We can work with you to design something quite personal to you, or you can choose from some of our suggestions:

  • A series of journalling workshops to explore your future direction and help you work out ‘What Next’?
  • An artist to work with your family to explore your family tree. Create a unique installation or artwork using mixed media- collage/pictures/drawing/mosaic.
  • Our Time Our Space – playful and fun creative family time together.
  • One to one mentoring for your creative loved one? An indulgent day of pampering at Bath Spa followed by lunch, creative inspiration visits and a chance to get absolute focus and a listening ear to talk through your creative desires, impulses, wishes and challenges.
  • A wonderful willow woven sculpture for your garden or wedding perhaps? Think archways, giant willow woven mushrooms, ducks and kingfishers…
  • Help creatively de-clutter your barn or your house and capture your most nostalgic possessions into musuems of possiblity?
  • A Creative Spa- a year’s worth of monthly opportunity trying out a new artform with different experienced artists
  • An artist in residence in your own home. Have an idea and want to ‘get it out’- help to create that collage, poem or picture you have had in your head for years? Or perhaps reflections on your home before you move on? Your favourite  pet? Your garden so it will be forever remembered?

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