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Creative Wellbeing Challenge 2019

Join us for this year’s Creative Wellbeing Challenge. Sign up using the form below:

How you can get involved

  • Sign up to join in – See Sign-up form above. 
  • The challenge runs from 01 – 31 August
  • Try out the creative ideas we suggest – there is one for each day of the challenge
  • Share your creations with us on social media: Twitter/Facebook/Instagram using #creativesummer19 [remember to tag us!]
  • Get your friends, family, colleagues involved in developing ideas and sharing wellbeing tips
  • Post up some of your own ideas

Benefits to Taking Part

  • Trying new creative activities is excellent for the body and mind, and the benefits will last longer than the challenge itself
  • Innovative approach to team building / Family fun
  • Happy you! Happy team/friends/family! Happy organisation/community!
  • Its Fun & Its Free
  • Evidence based and proven approach to wellbeing


  • Promote the arts and wellbeing
  • Highlight the work of artists, wellbeing and health organisations across the UK
  • Champion the arts as a means of staying mentally healthy
  • Have some fun!


We’d love as many people as possible to take part – so why not join with a friend? Or with your family? Or how about with work colleagues?

It’ll be exciting, illuminating and uplifting and you’ll learn new skills and discover new places along the way.

When you share what you’ve created – don’t forget to tag us!

Twitter: @CW4everyone

Instagram: @creativityworksuk

Facebook: @CW4everyone

and use #creativesummer19 #ArtsHealthWellbeing

Sign up Today!!

Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a ‘Welcome to the Creative Wellbeing Challenge’ email. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see it. Any questions about this – please email us

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