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It’s here…! The Summer Wellbeing Challenge 2017

Join us this August for a month of creative activity with our Summer Wellbeing Challenge #creativesummer17

How you can get involved

  • Try out the creative ideas we suggest below – there is one for each day of August
  • Share your creations with us on Twitter/ Pinterest/Instagram etc using #creativesummer17
  • Get your friends, family, colleagues involved in developing ideas and sharing wellbeing tips
  • Post up some of your own ideas

Five benefits to Taking Part

  • Trying new creative activities is excellent for the body and mind, and the benefits will last longer than the challenge itself
  • Innovative approach to team building / Family fun
  • Happy you! Happy team/friends/family! Happy organization/community!
  • Its Fun & Its Free
  • Evidence based and proven approach to wellbeing


  • Promote the arts and wellbeing
  • Highlight the work of artists, wellbeing and health organisations across the UK
  • Champion the arts as a means of staying mentally healthy
  • Have some fun!


You may already be familiar with the proven Five Ways to Wellbeing – Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep learning and Give – but how often do you explore each of these as a way to stay mentally healthy?

Throughout August we will be digging into what each means, trying out new ideas, making merry, doing new and exciting things and we are inviting YOU to join us!

To take part all you have to do is try some of the ideas – feel free to come up with your own, and share your experiences with us. You can join in at any point!

We’d love as many people as possible to take part – so why not join with a friend? Or with your family? Or how about with work colleagues?

It’ll be exciting, illuminating and uplifting and you’ll learn new skills and discover new places along the way.

And it’s FREE

See below for your own downloadable CW Summer Wellbeing Challenge 2017 Chart‘  Print it out and get creative with how you track your creative activities through the month!

*There is also an opportunity to win some prizes by sending us a picture of your completed chart. All pics will be entered into our prize draw!

Get out your coloured pen, or get some coloured stars! Decorate your chart however you like!

Ideas for each day of August are listed below!

Click to Download a PDF – CW Summer Wellbeing Challenge 2017 Chart – use it to track your progress!

31 Ways of Creativity!

  1. Send a postcard to someone; Illustrate or make your own
  2. Breathe! Find a quiet spot and notice your breath for 5 cycles
  3. Find your nearest artist – past or present
  4. Draw to three different types of music – how much does your body move?
  5. Give a poem to someone; A poem you like or write one yourself
  6. Find two trees you like and record them – photograph, paint how else?
  7. Make your own paintbrushes from items found around and about – using sticks, leaves, natural materials etc
  8. Go find some street art – check out Upfest in Bristol
  9. Create a photomontage of patterns you see during your lunch break
  10. Walk for 10 minutes and then photograph what’s in front of you
  11. Make a kite with a friend and then go fly it together
  12. Find a sculpture and take photos of it from every different angle you can!
  13. Make your own musical instrument from kitchen items and play out a tune
  14. Do a water related activity – make a paperboat, make bubbles, dance in the rain…what else?
  15. Draw a flower that most reminds you of summer
  16. Create a self-portrait – Picasso style!
  17. Try a different route to work – what do you notice?
  18. Create a mandala using naturally found materials
  19. Paint a leaf – or make prints with a leaf/fruit and veg, or rubbings of trees / leaves
  20. Using your five senses – describe a tree
  21. Visit an art gallery, find the most appealing exhibit then consider what draws you to it.
  22. Visit your local library and borrow a book about an artist you don’t know
  23. Learn to identify a bird song – robin, blackbird? What do they sound like?
    Here’s the BBC’s recording of British birdsong to help!
  24. Discover something about the history of where you live. E.g Radstock – what can you learn about the coalmining industry?
  25. Watch a TED talk and then share what you’ve learnt from it with a friend (and us!)
  26. Create a gratitude doodle and share it with someone
  27. Cook something seasonal & share the results or recipe with friends
  28. Read a short story aloud to a friend – or even your pet (or some cows in a field…)
  29. Finish the sentence – when I’m creative I feel…
  30. Write a letter to someone who inspires you (post it if you wish!)
  31. What else? Share your own ideas with us!


When you share what you’ve created – don’t forget to tag us – (Twitter @CW4everyone , Instagram @creativityworksuk and facebook @CW4everyone and use #creativesummer17






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