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A fond farewell from our Director Lesley

Last week we bade a sad farewell to our Director Lesley Featherstone and here is her parting message:


During my time at Creativity Works I have really valued the sense of working with colleagues and partners to “make a difference” through creativity.

We have really examined and explored what that difference is, how it impacts upon people’s feelings about themselves, how they live their lives and how, by being creative they can take better advantage of new opportunities to improve their quality of life.

We have worked in partnership to bring together the right mix of artists, art forms, communities, partners and support mechanisms to orchestrate change.

I think one of our real strengths has been our ability to listen, to really hear what people are saying they want and need and then respond with the right mix of activities and approaches which facilitate them to achieve their goals and inspire them to go on to discover and take advantage of new ambitions and opportunities along the way

For me the impact of taking part in a creative activity which takes you through a creative process: from curiosity and engagement; through absorption and focus; to excitement inspiration and wanting to communicate that “buzz” to others is the essential ingredient. Alongside of course the role that artists play in helping that to happen through their enquiring and inspiring ways of working.

What Creativity Works should be very proud of is its understanding of that process: the experience and expertise that is used to set up the situations and create the conditions that support people to explore, develop and grow.

We know that Creativity Works and we know how to make it work.

The challenge now for Creativity Works continues to be to enable funders and partners to hear and understand and allow the creative process to work.

I want to thank my colleagues at Creativity Works for their dedication, ideas and inspiration over the last 7 + years. Trustees for their support and advice and also the partners and artists who have worked with us to make Creativity Work.

I will think of you often as I enjoy, my own time and space to be creative.

Best wishes for the future,

Lesley Featherstone.


(Watch this space to hear news of our new Director…)


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