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Creativity Works on BBC Radio Bristol!

Creativity Works has had some great exposure recently on BBC Radio Bristol, firstly on the 18th April on Steve Yabsley’s lunchtime show (you can hear the full interview on our “What We Do” page) and then on Saturday the 5th May on Dr. Phil Hammonds Surgery.

Thank you very much Radio Bristol for having us!

The interview on Dr Phil Hammonds Surgery focused on our My Time My Space project and the positive effect it has had on many women with post natal depression. One of the participants Jenny Faulkner talks about her experiences of post natal depression and how Creativity Works helped her through this time by providing, in her words:

“…2 hours a week of sheer enjoyment, where I felt I could go and speak very honestly and openly and not feel judged, or like I was a terrible mum.

..a chance to be creative, which stopped my head thinking a whole host of dark thoughts that it spent a lot of it’s time doing.

I was able to focus on something else, something that was immediate and concrete. I went in with nothing and would come out with a brand new necklace that I’d made myself or a picture that needed framing for my husband..

It was just wonderful to be amongst other people experiencing the same things.”

To hear the full interview click here: JennyOnTheRadio

To learn more about Jenny’s experiences and to read her poem “A Monster Ate My Mum” which she recited on the radio interview, you can follow her blog here.


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