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Creative Conversation with Community Arts Therapists

On a roasting summer evening (July 17th) within the gloriously cool stone walls of Bath Artist Studios fourteen artists, facilitators, development workers and art therapists met to engage in a Creative Conversation and reflective practice session.

The aim of the evening was to think and explore some of our different and complimentary roles within the field of Arts and Health.  While acknowledging that there are different competencies and areas of practice, arts therapists, like artists working in the field of wellbeing, share a conviction that creativity is intrinsic to health for both communities and individuals.  Sitting in a circle with art therapist Sarah Parkinson holding and facilitating the session, clay and charcoal were the materials of choice. Together reflecting and discussing ‘in a round’ how some elements of our work unite us, are part of an overarching creative narrative, yet how our contexts and approaches are distinct and separate but all of value.  A recurring theme emerged as to the need for support : how we might best support each other in our roles while remaining true to our distinctive professional identities.

It was a creative and open session. Feedback included:

“I loved hearing everyone’s views”

“lets keep the dialogue going”

Below is one image taken from the evening. A piece of work produced in response to the reflective practice which says so much more than words alone can on the feeling of the need to work supported and in partnership by artist Fiona Winning.



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