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Prof Lynn Froggett – co|Create special


Don’t miss this co|Create special: Prof Lynn Froggett and Dr Julian Manley share their latest Creative Methodologies & offer an opportunity to participate in a Visual Matrix

Research and Evaluation in the socially engaged arts relies heavily on methods developed by the social sciences that are not always responsive to the imaginative, aesthetic and emotional dimensions of the artworks. Visual Matrix (VM) methodology has been developed to enable a flow of ideas and associations in a group setting framed by image-based material which brings the object of the research to mind.

VM has also addressed some of the problems of moving from images back to the words that we need in order to communicate our research findings.

This workshop will be part presentation in which we explain the use of these methods in a project on new media and community responses to street drinking.

We will then invite you to join a Visual Matrix to gain first hand experience of how it works.


Event Details


Location: Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Avenue, Knowle West, Bristol, BS4 1NL

Cost: £10.

Booking essential.


For more information or to reserve your place: 

Email, or call 01761 438852 and ask for Mags.

This course is presented by the Creativity Works Team in partnership with Knowle West


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