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Creating Change through Connection

The power of creativity in bringing about social change was highlighted in Creativity Works’ Creative Conversation on 5 May when artists and creative thinkers came together to discuss Can Artists Really Change the World? led by Jocelyn Cunningham, Founder and Director of Arts and Society.

The potential of art to encourage people to see their communities in a new way, to connect with others, to disrupt habitual thinking, to provoke new insights and ultimately improve lives in communities was given enthusiastic voice by participants.

Jocelyn dismissed the idea of artists as being “special” cases, and emphasised artists working alongside others in community settings. Change was framed as a ripple effect – changing one person, one experience at a time. Jocelyn led participants in a process of exploring and sharing the principles underlying their work.

“Thought provoking … interesting … fun … absolutely brilliant … fantastic”, participants reflected. New insights from shared conversations were identified and valued.

The event held at Coworking Bath was part of Creativity Works relaunched coCreate programme – a programme of dialogue, training and networking for creatives interested in the arts and social and personal change.

A full report of the discussion will be published on Creativity Works website.

The next Creative Conversation will be on Monday 15 June when writer, theatre maker and founder of Fun Palaces, Stella Duffy shares a vision of how the arts, science and fun can come together and reach out to people not usually engaged in the arts.

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