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A Focus on: Betty, Office Dog

Profile: An insight into working with Creativity Works

A Focus on: Betty


Job title:  Office Dog

When did you start working for Creativity Works?
I basically follow Olly wherever he goes and we came here together 2 years ago in January.
What is your professional background?

I originally started working in the film industry as Olly’s partner is a film producer. I use to love being on set and around film crews. But then Olly came along and he started to take me to the Theatres that he worked in and I really found my place there. Other than a professional office dog I do spend quite a bit of time as a nanny, looking after 2 little girls.
What does a typical day look like for Betty at Creativity Works?

Grrr, there really isn’t a typical day! I mostly spend the morning pottering around the office saying hello to everyone and seeking if they need any help with finishing their breakfast. 12.30 pm is walkies and then the afternoon is usually spent sleeping in meetings before tea at 3.30pm, some rolling around and then home time!
What do you enjoy most about working here?
I like the fact that there is a kitchen downstairs where people make tasty food. There’s also lots of space to mosey around, stopping at people’s desks for a nice stroke. I am quite artistic, especially when it comes to chasing my ball, so working alongside artists is nice too. Best of all, they like biscuits!
What do you find most challenging?
Sometimes I have to wait for AGES to go out for my walk because the organisation is so busy. Olly might be in a staff meeting, on the phone to a trustee, or the arts council, but, come on, what’s more important? The sustainable future of the arts and the continued high quality of creative delivery from Creativity Works, or my walkies??
What has been most surprising during your time so far at Creativity Works?
Nothing much surprises me about working in the arts anymore: the cuts to funding, the long hours, the incredible ideas and innovation! Olly had mentioned when we came here that we would be moving to a swanky new office, where I would have my own bed, so I was a little surprised at how small his office is. I can only just fit under the table!
What has been your biggest professional or personal achievement to date?
On a professional level, being an office dog is precarious as I am freelance. Many people think I am contracted by Creativity Works but actually I work more as a volunteer, so I think sustaining a career in the arts is probably my biggest achievement. On a personal level, I have just lost 2 kg on my diet. Yippee! More cake!!! ITS CHRISTMAS!!!

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