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A Focus on: Nathaniel Burgess, Fresh Art@ Worker

Profile: An Insight into Working with Creativity Works

A Focus on: Nathaniel Burgess, Fresh Art@ Worker for Creativity Works and AWP.

Job title: Fresh Art@ Worker

When did you start working for Creativity Works?

I have been working with Creativity Works for around three years. At first I registered as a volunteer and worked on several projects within B&NES to gather experience and then became a member of the team in May 2015.

What does a typical day look like for Nat at Creativity Works?

In a typical day I am based at Bath NHS House at the RUH working within the Therapies team, Hillview Lodge and The Creativity Works office. I spend a lot of my time discussing possible leads with mental health professionals regarding people on their case load that may benefit from attending creative groups within the community. The purpose of this is to enable mental health service users to attend creative groups within the community to help reduce social isolation, develop creative skills and add structure. This can reduce the chances of someone being admitted to an acute ward. I work closely with Philippa Forsey my line manager who is able to take the information I pass on, to program new and unitive creative groups within the community in the B&NES area.

I also support people to attend creative groups within the community. This could be in the form of a text to remind them that the group is taking place, to meeting them at the bus stop and traveling with them and attending the group.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

What I enjoy most is the passion we all have for Creativity and Wellbeing.

And I really enjoy watching people develop and grow through creativity.

What do you find most challenging?

Sometimes I find it challenging working on wards and seeing people who suffer with poor mental health in the same way I did when I was unwell. There is a positive to this though because people I work with can see that there is a future and that things can get better from my personal journey and recovery. And this helps break down the barrier between staff and client.

What has been most surprising during your time so far at Creativity Works?

Seeing first-hand how creativity really can change lives for the better and aid people in their recovery.

What has been your biggest professional or personal achievement to date?

My biggest personal achievement has to be coming up with the idea of Fresh Art@ and persuing the idea with the support of Creativity Works until it developed into the project it is today.

My biggest professional achievement is becoming the Fresh Art@ worker for Creativity Works. At first I thought that achieving this post would not be possible but when the job was advertised I took a leap of faith in myself and applied. After making it through to the interview stage I felt accomplished but didn’t think I would get the job in a million years. After the interview I felt that I had done the best I could but didn’t think I scored high enough to secure the post. After about 10 minutes I had a call to say that I had been successful and this filled me with self-pride and I don’t think anything other than becoming a Dad can top that feeling.

Nat selfportrait


Self portrait by Nathaniel Burgess

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