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Streets of Bath Exhibition at Bath Abbey


During April, members of two peer led groups – Writing Space & Creative Perspectives, took part in an exhibition by Bath Abbey called ‘Streets of Bath.’ The aim of the exhibition was to honour the lives of those who work and live on our streets and to engage the public in thinking about their role and place within the vibrant life of our city.

The exhibition proved very popular and was extended as a result. Alec Reid, one of the members from Creative Perspectives,  gave a talk about the importance of Creativity as part of the exhibition.


Our display for The Streets of Bath exhibition by Jackie Mason

For the streets of Bath exhibition, I wrote a poem entitled ‘cirque du Bath’. I also wrote the group description and the artist’s collaboration description for the display (see below).

The writing space group discussed how we would display our work- but it was ultimately left to our wonderful volunteer facilitator Roz to implement the proposed plan.

I enjoyed visiting the abbey to see our work displayed. I felt we all did a good job. The written works were exceptional and they wore accompanied by some wonderful illustrations.

I am very proud of our writing space group for the wonderful work we have done, and I’m proud of myself for having the courage to put myself out there.


‘The Streets of Bath’, by Writing Space

Our Group undertook the streets of Bath project with relish, with each member writing in their chosen genre. A number of writing exercises were employed to prepare for the project and some research done. And there were many discussions within the group before our individual pieces were produced.

Each poem in the display is uniquely individual, in both style and subject matter. But all-together draws an all encompassing picture of life on the streets of Bath.


Who are Writing Space?

Writing space is a peer-led group set up as a place for those with mental health issues to come and meet, share creative ideas and give and receive mutual support.

We write in many genre, from poetry, prose, fiction, and factual. All of our members bring their unique creative style and flavour to each session.

Some sessions are facilitated by a professional writer, giving the group the benefits of their experience and encouraging individuals.

The group has produced its own anthology and we also contribute to the creativity works news letter, as individuals and as a group.


Quotes from the members about their experiences.

For our writing group work the be accepted for the exhibition of Streets of Bath I feel was an enormous privilege. Especially to actually have a portion of our own work involved. I feel vey proud to belong to the group especially very grateful for the all the help received to progress to this exhibition. Deeana


To start with, I drew out two picture one sun also as well as one lady. Using bright colours to express these with. I also wrote a piece for this. Which included modern day writing within this piece. On the event evening day I felt rough but by the evening I had cheered up I was glad I went out for the evening. Imogen


The streets of Bath exhibition was fantastic I am very proud to have been a part of it and to have had a piece of my own at writing space on display. All the exhibits, both written and artistic on display were of an exceptionally high standard and very professional. Justin


It was great to be part of the Streets of Bath exhibition. It was a first for me to have my poetry on display. I gained a lot of confidence from the experience. In future I will print my work with larger text! For those whose eyesight is not so good. Writing a piece on homelessness has given me a greater awareness of the plight of those poor unfortunates who have no choice but to sleep rough. I have befriended a homeless man. I chat to him most days and we get on pretty well. I try to help him out in various ways when I can. Once when the bus driver couldn’t change my note he kindly paid my fare. I was very touched by this kind gesture and repaid him the following day. Tom


Creativity Works exhibited in the Abbey as part of an exhibition entitled ‘Streets of Bath’. The most striking piece was a painting by Matt but unfortunately he was not there to explain its’ meaning. Clive


Alec during his talk about Creativity with the vicar of Bath Abbey.

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