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Artist Call-Out: Love Letter to Radstock

Artist Call-Out: Love Letter to Radstock
Creativity Works are commissioning a piece of socially engaged art inspired by Valentine’s Day for the town and community of Radstock, where Creativity Works is based.
The commissioned project must include the audience/participants in the creation and presentation of the artwork.
The audience/participants must be able to engage and interact with the artwork, participate in artistic activity and become an integral part of the artwork itself. We aim to create high quality artistic output, social interaction, and to bring a sense of playfulness and wonder to Radstock. Essentially, it must be a metaphorical ‘love letter’ by, with and for the people of Radstock.
The project commissioned will be of the highest artistic quality and include the following outcomes:
  • serve as a catalyst for social interaction
  • promote civic togetherness and pride
  • encourage participants to engage in further artistic practice
Any resulting pieces of art will be offered to the locality for further engagement and the process will be recorded and placed online as an inspirational legacy.
We are offering 1 x commission: £2000
5 x days planning & engagement @ £250 per day
1 x day delivery @£250 per day
Materials: £500

(if you would like to arrange these delivery days differently, please state in your application)

  • Mentoring and support from Creativity Works’ team
  • We will also offer the successful artist or collective the paid opportunity to deliver a co|Create session for other socially engaged artists about the project and their work. The fee for this will be £250. (co|Create is Creativity Works’ programme of support and development for socially engaged artists)
We are looking for an innovative and exciting socially engaged art project. We will consider any art form for the commissions however it must display a high level of social engagement.
Areas: Radstock and Westfield, North East Somerset
Creativity Works will be responsible for the marketing and promotion of the project with the input of the artist/s.
Application process opens:
Application closes: 
Successful commissions awarded:
Commission delivery:
Wed 11th December 2019
Sun 12th Jan 2020 (midnight)
Friday 17th January 2020
Friday February 14th (plus any additional days deemed appropriate)


Please download an application form HERE or alternatively email and we will send one to you.
We will accept submissions from individual artists, partners or collectives.
For an informal chat regarding the project, including any possible locations, venues and partners, please email Oliver with a contact phone number and he will get back to you.

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