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Goodbye Philippa

Goodbye Philippa

It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of Philippa Forsey, the esteemed manager of our Creative Wellbeing Programme.

In light of the restructuring needed after the loss of Arts Council England Portfolio funding, it has been decided that the post of Manager of Creative Wellbeing Programmes at Creativity Works will be made redundant and that the current Manager, Philippa Forsey will be leaving the organisation.

The Board of Trustees would like to express its gratitude to Philippa for over 20 years of selfless commitment and dedication to the organisation, developing the role in a way that has made a unique contribution to Creativity Works’ growth and success. The innovative programmes and projects she has championed have brought artists and communities together to use artistic expression as a way of promoting personal growth and increasing well-being. Working with key stakeholders and partners, the Board of Trustees will be exploring options for Creativity Work’s future with the aim of developing a sustainable organisation that can continue to deliver a transformative and inspiring programme of work for the people of the region.

Philippa has been an integral part of our organisation, dedicating her time, talent, and unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and nurturing the well-being of our participants. During her tenure, Philippa brought a profound understanding of the intersection between creativity and mental health, enriching the lives of countless individuals through her innovative approaches and compassionate guidance. Her passion for the arts, combined with her deep empathy, has left an indelible mark on our community and organisation. Her warm personality and genuine care have touched the hearts of those fortunate enough to work with her. We are confident that Philippa’s journey will continue to be filled with success and fulfilment as she embarks on new endeavours.


If you would like to stay in contact with Philippa please connect with her on LinkedIn here

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