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Welcome to our Creativity Works – At Home zone, where we’ll be adding a new creative activity as we support each other during the current COVID-19 situation.

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We look forward to seeing your creative creations

Stay Safe, Stay Home & Keep on Creating

The Creativity Works Team

Collage Characters

Friday 24th July

Join us in creating some imaginary characters using some collage techniques and materials you’ll find around your home. Have fun with this, let your imagination run wild as really anything goes with this! We can’t wait to see what you end up creating!! Here’s the downloadable PDF...
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It Takes Hands

Friday 10th July

Our hands have been playing an even more vital role for us during the pandemic. From keeping us and others safe by washing them, keeping our minds both active and calm by using them to create anything from paintings, photographs, to planting those tomato seeds and cooking…the list could go...
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Week 11 - Friday 12 June

Sound Mapping - sound, shape & colour

This week we invite you to listen. Listen to the sounds around you, the birds, the wind, even the sound of your washing machine and turn these into a sound map. By tuning in to our surroundings we can access a different experience to when we use our eyes. We hope that this week’s activity...
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Week 10 - Friday 05 June

The Art of Resilience with Henri Rousseau

We’ve been taking inspiration from the French artist Henri Rousseau [1844 -1910] this week as he, to us, represents a resilient artist. Rousseau was self-taught and didn’t start painting until he was 40. He was a toll collector who used his imagination and love of nature to create his...
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Week 9 - Friday 29 May

A Voyage Around Your Room

This week we invite you to join us on a voyage around your room. [Click on the image above to watch the video] This creative prompt is from Christina Sanders, a local writer, who supports Writing Space, one of our peer-led groups. It is inspired by a book written by Xavier de Maistre, who was...
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Week 8 - Friday 22 May

Patterns, Colour & Quilts

This week we invite you to join us on a journey of exploration and investigation into pattern, colour and quilts. This creative prompt is inspired by Barbara Disney, our Fresh Art@ Project Artist, and the wonderful quilts cared for at the American Museum in Bath. To watch this weeks video –...
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Week 7 - Friday 15 May

Make tassels with Ellie Shipman

This week we invite you to join participatory artist and illustrator Ellie Shipman in making some tassels from wool/thick yarn or plastic bags. Tassels have a fascinating history and date back to ancient Egypt. Tutankhamun, the young Egyptian pharaoh, was found wearing tassels and in the middle...
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Week 6 - Friday 08 May

Make paint brushes from found materials

This week we invite you to join us in making some paint brushes from items you can find at home. We have two different activities for you to try: Using a plastic milk bottle [Click on the image above to watch the film] Using natural materials -if you have access to a garden or outdoor...
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Week 5 - Friday 01 May

Taking a line for a walk - Jill Carter

This week we invite you to join us in Taking a line for a walk with multi-media Artist Jill Carter. [Click on the image above to watch the film] What you’ll need: A journal, notebook or sketchbook, or something to hand, for instance, a piece of found card. A marker, roller pen or...
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Week 4 - Friday 24 April

Mindful Photography - Shadows & Patterns and/or Animals.

Join us in trying some mindful photography and exploring the theme of Shadows & Patterns and/or Animals. This creative prompt comes from Adrian, a key member and volunteer of Keynsham Snap & Stroll, one of our peer-led photography groups. The group have been sharing some wonderful...
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Week 3 - Friday 17 April

Stichomancy - A creative writing prompt

[Click on the image to open the video in YouTube] This week we invite you to join us in trying the ancient art of Stichomancy – one of the oldest ways of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by randomly selecting lines or passages from books. At least 3,000 years old, it...
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Week 2 - Friday 10 April 2020

Make a mini book from one sheet of A4 paper

Click on the image to watch the short video [will open in YouTube] What you’ll need: one sheet of A4 paper scissors pens, pencils, watercolours – whatever art materials you’d like to use to fill your mini book your imagination! Join us in making your own mini book and then...
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Week 1 - Friday 03 April 2020

Creating a Mandala inspired by the shapes around you

Create with us! We invite you to join us in creating a Mandala inspired by the shapes around you. Having to stay in and look at the same environment can be frustrating, so we hope that this simple creative exercise will help you to look at your surroundings from a different perspective. Let us know...
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