Inspiring and empowering people
through creativity to explore, develop and grow

Our Impact

Creativity Works believes passionately that creativity can make a significant difference to people’s lives by inspiring and supporting them to have fun and be creative, learn new transferable skills, improve their health and wellbeing and connect with their communities.

We work with our partners to define clear outcomes which will result from our projects, including:

Health and Social Outcomes:

  • Improved mental health and well-being as measured using the Warwick Edinburgh Scale
  • Increased community participation
  • Improved wellbeing, e.g. confidence and self-esteem
  • increased engagement in meaningful activity

Learning and development Outcomes

  • Increased number of progression and development opportunities for participants
  • Better access to information about opportunities for progression and development
  • Improved and increased partnership working amongst organisations working with people with mental health problems and better targeted initiatives which listen and respond to participants’ needs and personal objectives
  • A body of evidence about the process from engagement to progression which can be used to inform development and integration
  • A group of trained artists with the skills and commitment to work in community and health settings

Economic Outcomes:

  • Early Intervention and prevention initiatives create long term savings in social care and health services
  • Increased self-run community groups increases volunteering, community engagement and potentially social enterprise
  • Increased employment of artists and community organisers

A piece of research from the New Economics Foundation  backs up our knowledge of the type of change that organisations like ourselves can help bring about:

The Catalysts for Community Action and Investment report: 2010, shows that for every £1 a local authority invests, £15 of value is created. For example:

“for an investment of £233,655 in community development activity across four authorities the social return was approximately £3.5 million. This is an incredible return for statutory investment.”

Alison Seabrooke, Chief Executive of the Community Development Foundation says:

“Without investment in community development we will pay the costs of lower levels of well-being and an inactive, disempowered population, which history tells us will be borne by our most deprived communities. I encourage all community development workers, their supporters and investors to use this evidence to further advocate for investment in community development in their area and the positive social change it will bring about.”

In 2010 research was carried out by Dr. Barbra Teater & Dr. Mark Baldwin at Bath University, into the long lasting benefits and impact of our work. They found that our work:

Promotes Personal Growth & Development and improves quality of Life

Improves Health & Well-being

Increases Motivation and Confidence

Raises Self-Esteem

Realises Creative Potential

Increases Independence

Creates Routes to Education/ Employment

Increases Understanding of Different Artforms

Promotes Social Change

Supports Community through Periods of Transition, Redevelopment and Regeneration

Gains a Sense of Community

Increases Social Capital



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