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Inspiring and empowering people
through creativity to explore, develop and grow

About our Business

Our services are unique and bespoke. Activity may be small-scale and local, or it could be longer with wider reach.  It is often tailored and off the peg, just as it should be when responding to what the community and participants want.

We have a strong track record of developing and delivering services in partnership with commissioners, the statutory sector, voluntary organisations, housing associations, schools, corporates and other providers.

The strength of our work lies in the fact that it is participant driven. We are good listeners; we are responsive; we are flexible and we are creative.  Participants explore, develop and grow because of their own imagination, insight and invention but also because of what we add: the sheer quality of the artists; passionate project development workers; skilful staff; sensitive professionals; quality and enhancing partnership links and most importantly – a process of thoughtful creativity!

We can offer:

  • Tiers of support according to your needs: we are happy to chat to you by phone, conference phone or skype.
  • Staff expertise
  • A welcome and friendly ear
  • Fun and creative inspiration

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