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Samuel’s Story

Samuel was a participant from the Young Carer’s project, run in partnership with Off the Record

“My name is Samuel and I’m with the young carers group. I’m with that group because I look after my mother and my little brother. My mother has psychological issues, she has schizophrenia and I have to look after her and because my brother is so young I have to look after him.

Everyone’s the same age, that’s one of the main things. My picture is just random, it could be a good or bad picture. It could have turned out completely rubbish but yet it turned out so great. The view is just so, it goes in the distance and it’s a panoramic view. Sometimes the best things that happen are not planned and this is just the best thing.

It was brilliant and exciting, you were able to express yourself through a different kind of medium other than talking. Whereas all your life you have to talk about situations whereas this you can put your heart and effort into something that can relate to you and show off your side of the story. Many hadn’t let me explore my ideas, explore my creativity which I haven’t been able to do because obviously my mother having issues. It just really gave me a chance to get out there and explore, wildlife, picture, fun, enjoyment. It just gave me a whole new perspective on new mediums.

It’s enabled me to be happy to be honest, you can express yourself because when I express myself through talking sometimes I get upset. Whereas with the photography I was able to express myself and my emotions but also enjoy it, enjoy it and express my emotions, which is what I found difficult.”







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