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Virtual Studio

Re|source is a virtual studio developed collaboratively by professional artists and participants. The studio provides online space for the sharing of images of artwork developed within a project and the opportunity to comment on that artwork by members of the group.

Piloted in our Networks project, Re|source is now being rolled out into other Creativity Works projects as part of our unique offering. This enriches our creative progression model and supports:

  • Digital inclusion
  • User-led (technology adapted to users feedback)
  • Peer support (enabling groups to support themselves)
  • Aesthetic Confidence (quality of creative work)
  • Community Development


Re|source is a unique approach to community arts development. Participants work alongside artists to develop their own practice and build projects around their distinct interests and skills. An IT Mediator works alongside the group and the artist to provide training and support.

A series of distinct virtual studios allowed the participants to work in stages:

  1. As a closed creative community, to upload images of their own and other artworks along with comments and ideas which build a visual narrative documenting their creative processes and progress.
  2. A chance to maintain contact with their group between weekly sessions.
  3. Later on, sharing their virtual studios with others to form a shared creative community.
  4. Finally, curating an on-line exhibition to share their artwork with the wider community.

To see how Re|source was used within the Networks project click here.

Re|source was further developed as a parallel blog space for artists, to capture the artist-facilitators reflection on their own creative practice during the project, as well as the participants’ development.

The on-line reflection tool was designed to capture the project’s development and support the professional development of artists by:

  • a) enhancing the artists reflection skills;
  • b) contributing to evaluation processes;
  • c) creating an on-line peer community space for the artist-facilitators to share their experience with each other;
  • d) keeping the creative process central – the artists referred back to images in the women’s virtual studios within their own blog space

To view an edited version of the artist’s blog click here




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