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Artists Area

Hello and welcome to our Artists Area!

We hope this will be a useful and rewarding area for you. The aim is that it will provide interesting and useful resources and information that will inspire you in your work and your socially engaged practice as well as give insights into the Creativity Works ethos.

We will be building this up over time so keep checking back for further developments as it evolves and equally, if you have any burning desires to see certain things up here please do get in touch and let us know or send us items of interest!

Creativity Works has a strong remit to promote talent and excellence in our creative programme.  We depend upon the quality of the artists that we work with and have a commitment to their support and development. We call this area of our work the Co|Create programme and will deliver  through:

  • Artists professional development
  • Raising the profile of Socially Engaged Art
  • Providing artist, participant and support worker courses
  • Initiating Creative Conversations which support artists knowledge, experience and networking
  • Developing and signposting to r relevant resources for artists

The Co|Create Programme provides:

Work opportunities for artists

  • Within our socially engaged creative programme
  • As part of  The Creative Well – an opportunity for artists to benefit from Creativity Works’ reputation and management and delivery skills to increase opportunities to earn through creative delivery in areas such as:
    • Health and Wellbeing (spot purchased, socially prescribed)
    • Experiences, Gifts and  sessions to the general public
    • To Health Professionals, academia and business 

Artists Support and Development

  • Comprehensive support systems in place to facilitate the delivery of socially engaged arts projects which achieve, health, social, learning and economic outcomes 
  • Project Management and delivery support, project briefs, contracts and evaluation tools, opportunities to discuss issues with Project Co-ordinators

Opportunity to become part of The Creative Core – an affiliated group of artists who have the skills and experience to deliver Creativity Works’ creative programme.  The Creative Core benefits from:

  • Increased earning opportunities
  • Management, booking and marketing provided by Creativity Works
  • Opportunities to help steer the direction of the organisation
  • Curator in resident spots on the website
  • Residencies – mutual learning
  • Champions at events and on media
  • Our marketing and publicity- new products/designs
  • Project pitches that we like- we will champion, find funds for, crowd fund for & make happen

Artists Training and professional development

  • Year Round programme of training and seminars which support socially engaged artists in their practice
  • Creative Conversations, Speed-Networking Events

Artists Resources

  • Toolkits
  • Downloads, information and expertise
Artists Registration

Artists Registration

Register your interest in joining our pool of Socially Engaged Artists

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Interesting links and useful resources

Interesting links and useful resources

Helpful and inspiring guides, toolkits and links we have come across

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